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Dr. Veronica meets George Ross, right-hand-man to Donald Trump

Dr. Veronica meets George Ross, right-hand-man to Donald Trump and famous in his own right as well. Ross plays a key role in “The Apprentice”, the ultra-successful reality television show where Trump and company mercilessly pit ambitious individuals against one another in “challenges” designed to test their business acumen and fortitude. …

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Runner Under Construction

Sloan Luckie, author of Body Under Construction and Team Refuel member, shares how he uses cross training to train for his first time running events.

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Add Cereal To Your Fruit

Guest Blog by Sloan Luckie

Looking for a way to lose weight, unveil your six-pack abs and/or reduce your abdominal-waist size? Here’s a breakfast tip. Instead of adding fruit to your cereal, add cereal to your fruit. This is a healthy great tasting way to reduce the consumption of processed carbohydrates and sugars contained in many cereals and replacing them with natural carbohydrates and sugars that are contained in fruit.  Most fruit contains water and fiber, …

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Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Guest Blog by Sloan Luckie

During a presentation at a corporate health awareness event, I was asked, “ How did you get a six-pack? You probably do a gazillion crunches, right?” “No”, I answered, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Developing six-pack abs (or reducing your abdominal/waist circumference) has more to do with nutrition and total body weight loss.

To reduce excess fat covering your six-pack (yes, you too have a six-pack) mostly requires change in diet …

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Stay Safe & Save Lives: The Power of Safety in Your Hands

Guest Blog by Ellie Sedighi

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 29, 2013 – Save A Stranger has plans to develop the worlds leading personal safety mobile application. With over 1 billion smartphones in use around the world, the SAS App promises to deliver the best all around “safety” utility on the market.

The SAS App offers safety solutions for those with and without smartphones. For those of you who own smartphones, by simply accessing the SAS App, …

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“UN-LUCKIE” 7- 7 Reasons Why We Don’t Eat Right and Exercise

I was recently asked at a Body Under Construction book signing, “Since everyone knows that we should eat right and exercise in order to live longer, healthier lives, why don’t we do it?” Here were the “UN-LUCKIE” 7 reasons I gave her.

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Vegetables-Fresh verses Frozen verses Canned

Today’s consumers aren’t only experiencing a budget crunch; they’re undergoing a time crunch as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables typically cost more money and take longer preparation time than frozen or canned. That’s why, for many home cooks, a vegetable is something that comes in a plastic bag from the grocer’s freezer case.

The good news is that, according to nutritionists, it’s perfectly safe to take the easy route and add that bag of frozen broccoli …

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Health Benefits of Cocoa and Ditch Your Prescriptions

Dr. Veronica interviews Dr. Eric Ding about the health benefits of cocoa. This is a chocolate lover’s dream land-8 chocolate bars a day will do the trick. Also hear from Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH who teaches total health seminars and says “What I’ve discovered is that medicine can make you sick, disable and even kill you.” Dr. Ruhling is …

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Cure Depression Naturally

Over half of mental disorders are caused by imbalances in the body that cause the brain and emotions to go array with life stressor. Discussion with Mary Ann O’Block a physician who is able to diagnose and treat major depressive disorder minus pharmaceuticals, Dr. Veronica Collings, a non force chiropractor who diagnosis underlying inflammatory problems leading to depression, Emily Glaser-acupuncturist, Megan Roosevelt, nutritionist, Cammi Balleck, PhD …

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What Makes You Susceptible to Getting a Cold or the Flu?

Have you ever noticed that you get sick with a cold or the flu much more often than others around you? Or someone you know is constantly sniffling and maxing out on sick days at work? This happens because there are certain aspects of a person’s life that can make them more susceptible to getting sick. Knowledge is power. Be aware of what makes you susceptible to getting sick. This is the best way to …

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Sacred Sex: The Spirituality of Sex

Sex sells, but a woman—a lady—ought not consume.

Sex is for the men.  Women exist as objectifications of a man’s desire, and are shamed for being “sluts” if they want to “act like a man” and embrace their sexuality; their desires.

Religion, modern day Christianity in particular, has a long history of slut shaming.

Mary Magdalene, whom for all intents and purposes was likely the wife and spiritual partner of Jesus, is best known as a prostitute.  It …

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